Evo Morales highlights in Bolivia decline of the US

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La Paz, Aug 10 (Prensa Latina) Former Bolivian President Evo Morales assured today that United States policy is in decline in Latin America, during the presentation here of a book on the historical repression against indigenous rebellions.

The play To blood and fire! The warning against the Indigenous Rebellions of Túpac Katari to Evo Morales, by the authors Juan Ramón Quintana and Loreta Tellería is a comparative history text that addresses the issue in its continuity, according to historian Pablo Quçisbert.

Along with Morales, the former deputy president of Bolivia Álvaro García Lineras attended the presentation.

“I feel that this contribution by Juan Ramón Quintana and Loreta Tellería is a way to refresh our memory, because if we don’t review our history, if we don’t know what happened in colonial times and the Republic, we will continue to be subject to the empire and capitalism. ”, Morales maintained.

He added that the right obeys an external mandate, and that it is necessary to know history to ensure that a better world is possible.

In relation to Washington, he insisted that its hegemony is in decline.

“Cuba was expelled from the OAS in the 1960s because it was a socialist, and today it is an honor to withdraw from that organization,” he said. He commented that there are more and more presidents with a socialist tendency in Latin America, including former guerrillas such as José Mujica, Dilma Roussef and now Gustavo Petro in Colombia.

He indicated that it is the failure of the US policy to accuse the union and social leaders who fight for the best social policies of being guerrillas and terrorists.

“That is why I say that the empire is in decline, he indicated, that it no longer dominates Latin America as it used to.”

He evoked the most recent Summit of the Americas to which several leaders did not attend, and of the 22 that attended, 20 publicly criticized in solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua that those countries were not invited, and also deplored the November coup of 2019 against Bolivia.

“From the economic point of view -he underlined-, that States give up their hegemony, in the years 1930 and 1940 they had 40 percent of the weight in the world, and today it represents around 20 percent”.

Morales emphasized the importance of unity within Bolivia to preserve the achievements of the process of change promoted by the Movement for Socialism, and called for discussing a program to reach the second democratic and cultural revolution of the Plurinational State.

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