Evo Morales highlights US decadence in Latin America

“With the leadership of brother @petrogustavo that emerges in #Colombia, a brother country that suffered consequences of the failed and misnamed “war” on drugs, the decline of the #USA in #LatinAmerica is evident. The winds of freedom open the skies of the #PatriaGrande”, the leader of the Movement for Socialism wrote on his Twitter account.

In another message published on that social network, Morales congratulated Petro for the speech delivered at the seventy-seventh session of that multilateral forum.

In this regard, he stressed that he contributed to “claim, defend and consolidate the dignity and sovereignty of the #PatriaGrande in the face of the arms interventionism of the #USA. #LatinAmerica is undergoing a process of dignity and liberation”, concluded the first indigenous former president of the highland country.

The same approach as that of Petro characterized the intervention of the president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, who before the UN General Assembly described as criminal the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba.

“Another clear example of the application of unilateral measures is the inhumane and criminal commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, which puts the lives of millions of citizens at risk,” said the president.

Arce assured that it is a crime against humanity to maintain such measures and even include this country on the list of sponsors of terrorism.

“But at the same time, it is an unfortunate example that should make us reflect on how most of the decisions taken by the majority each year in this Assembly are not fulfilled by certain countries,” he added regarding the draft resolution approved decades ago on the need to eliminate that kind of retaliation.

Arce considered it inconceivable in a world hit by the crisis and the pandemic that unilateral coercive measures are still applied with the aim of bending governments at the cost of hunger and the suffering of their peoples.

He affirmed that in the current world situation, no country should be persecuted, penalized or cornered for exercising its right to freely determine its own political, economic and social system. “An example of the unilateralism with which some countries act is the inclusion of Bolivia in a list of the so-called main drug transit countries or illicit drug producers,” he criticized.

The dignitary clarified that Bolivia has a sovereign policy to fight drug trafficking that gives important results, unlike Washington, whose strategy failed and requires changes.



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