Evo Morales praises Colombian-Venezuelan relations in Bolivia

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La Paz, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales affirmed today that “the great country advances with dignity and freedom”, when outlining in a tweet the reestablishment of bilateral ties at the level of embassies between Colombia and Venezuela.

“Colombia and Venezuela normalize their diplomatic relations with the appointment of their ambassadors Armando Benedetti in Caracas and Félix Plasencia in Bogotá. We salute the meeting of two sister peoples who are returning to the path of integration. The #PatriaGrande advances with dignity and freedom, ”wrote the leader of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) on his Twitter account.

Morales warned the day before on that social network that the United States is preparing destabilizing actions against the new presidency of Gustavo Petro.

“We denounce that destabilizing actions are being prepared in the United States against the presidency of brother @petrogustavo and other socialist governments. Senator @tedcruz, financed by arms manufacturers and promoter of coups, accuses the people of Colombia with lies”, he added.

He recalled that Cruz, together with fellow congressman from Washington @marcorubio, defends the coup d’état in Bolivia and now falsely blames the Colombian people for “threatening and putting the security of the United States at risk” along with other countries in the region, for having elected democratically. leftist governments.

The former president stressed that this warning in the mouth of a senator accused of being involved in the assault on the United States Capitol, with a balance of five deaths, is a direct threat against democracy in Latin America.

“Not content with the blockade against Cuba and Venezuela – Morales warned – now he asks for the policy of the stick and the carrot.”

The first indigenous head of state of the altiplano country insisted that while the peoples liberate themselves democratically, the power of the North loses its hegemony and threatens with interventionist policies.

In a reference to President Petro and the Colombian deputy president, Francia Márquez, Morales said that they represent the profound Colombia and a people that fights for its dignity and sovereignty.

“Both are the best guarantee of peace with social justice in that country that was devastated by the paramilitarism of the extreme right,” he concluded.



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