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The Flash may be the world’s fastest hero, but the prospects of a movie based on this hero seem to be deteriorating in slow motion thanks to the increasingly erratic behavior of its leading man, the actor. .

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And it is that in the midst of the news that Miller has been accused of the crime of robbery on August 8, a report by The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Warner Bros. Discovery is considering abandoning “The Flash”, a film to be released on August 23 June 2023 that has cost them approximately US$200 million.

According to a source consulted by that medium, the executives of the study are considering three scenarios regarding the project:

The most positive: Ezra Miller seeks professional help and publicly apologizes for his erratic behavior in recent years. If it becomes a reality, the Hollywood star could participate in limited press events for “The Flash” before its premiere.

The middle ground: Even if Ezra Miller doesn’t seek help, Warner Bros. Discovery may release the film, albeit without promoting the actor in any way. Additionally, the character of The Flash would be given to another actor in future projects.

The extreme situation: The situation deteriorates so much that Warner Bros. Discovery abandons “The Flash” completely. The option of reshooting scenes from the film is not being considered since Miller’s role is so prominent that it would mean making the film again.

Once one of Hollywood’s rising stars, Ezra Miller’s public image has been tarnished by a series of reports of his erratic behavior in recent years, including multiple arrests in Hawaii.

The actor’s public image worsened further when Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle accused Ezra Miller of “using violence, intimidation, threats, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to maintain control over the teenager,” in relation to their teenage son. Gibson Iron Eyes.


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