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Frank Ordonez’s family sued 5 police departments involved in the shooting, but a Broward Circuit judge ruled the police cannot be sued. Now this family asks for the help of a lawyer to represent them to reach the Supreme Court, if necessary.

“I cry alone because it is a pain that a mother has to learn to live with,” says Lucy Apolinario, the mother of the UPS driver, who died after an exchange of bullets between the police and his alleged kidnappers.

Lucy says that they want to tie her hands, but she will not allow it, “for the memory of her son”, she clarifies, and the justice she deserves will be found.

“I would like a lawyer who is listening to me and has the heart to help me. It is what I would ask for. Someone who wants to help me, because I don’t have the money”, is Apolinario’s request.

It’s been 2 years and 8 months since that afternoon. And now, in his decision, the judge cited the “sovereign immunity” law, sovereign immunity; it means that the sovereign cannot be sued, in this case that figure falls on the police or competent authority.

“So who protects civilians? To the innocents who had nothing to do with the robbery, with the case. Frank was doing his job, ”says the young man’s stepfather.

Between legal terms, courts, judges and lawyers, this family also has to deal with the pain in their hearts.

Genevie is the youngest of the 6 siblings. She says that she misses Frank and regrets something she didn’t tell him that morning, hours before the shooting.

“I remember that I got up for school, it was 7 in the morning and I saw him sleeping. I was going to say: ‘I Love You’! But he didn’t want to disturb him. I think about it a lot. I think that if he had told him that I love him he would be better, but no”. the victim’s sister said through tears.

In addition to the legal help that Frank Ordóñez’s family says they need, they pray that this setback in the civil trial is not an indication of what could happen in the criminal court.


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