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It was not necessary to have gone a few weeks ago to the Rosalía concert in Madrid to know much of what happened there, how something happened before with that of C. Tangana. The images of their performances followed one another in infinite reels, stories and other ephemeral tools of social networks. To the point of wondering if his attendees were more interested in testifying to his presence in the place where he had to be instead of admiring and attending to the talent of the two most celebrated Spanish artists today.

Fanaticthe new Netflix youth series, analyzes the lights and shadows of fame from a necessary crudeness and hitherto unpublished. A great success of this story in which a precarious rider replaces Chimera, the star trap of the moment, thanks to his amazing physical resemblance to him is that the story does not pose any deception. The singer dies during a concert, in front of his fans, so everyone knows that the project is being carried on by an impostor, without anyone seeming to care too much about artistic authenticity and genuine talent. The important thing is to follow the hype; continue to be fashionable by supporting the fashionable phenomenon. The entertainment industry, always so concerned with cloning what already works, this time takes its mantra to the extreme.

The story is starred by the Argentine actor and singer Lorenzo Ferro, known for the film The Angel, of unusual physique and who is solvent when it comes to interpreting the contradictory fusion of ambition and apathy so typical, much to his chagrin, of the new generations. directs roger goulwho in 2002 became, together with Julio D. Wallowits, a young promise of Spanish cinema with the premiere of the original smoking room and that, as time has passed, he has invested his talents in the television medium, often in the projects of others. She also directed on Netflix several episodes of The mess you leavecreated by Carlos Montero, and the wire girlsfrom Bamboo Productions.

The lack of expectations faced by those under 25 contrasts with the aggressive message about success and fame they receive from the media, new and old, to which they are exposed. Therefore, Lorenzo, the protagonist, has to discover for himself on this strange journey what are the issues that really matter in his life.

The project joins the trend of platforms seeking youth content adapted to current consumption habits, in the form of a microseries of a few chapters and a few minutes. So is the recent How to fuck it all up (HBO Max) and To be or not to be (Playz – RTVE). In Fanaticsome of its five episodes barely last 14 minutes with credits included, they are not much longer than the ubiquitous videos of Rosalía that appeared on phones during the 24 hours after her concert.

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