Fans of The Rings of Power denounce a big mistake in the elves of the Lord of the Rings series

MADRID, 22 Sep. (CultureLeisure) –

The Lord of the rings: The Rings of Power continues its journey on Amazon Prime Video. And despite harvesting some criticism for its pace has also achieved captivate with its careful production to many followers. Yes indeed, what fans of JRR Tolkien do not overlook are the errors or dissonances compared to the original material. Thus, the most knowledgeable spectators in the secrets of Middle-earth have detected a big mistake in the great production of Prime Video that concerns the elves.


There are two main Elvish languages ​​in The Lord of the rings: The Quenya and the Sindarin. Quenya was the original elvish language, and the elves brought it to Valinor. In Middle-earth, yese developed another language known as Sindarin, which is almost a simplified or colloquial version of Quenya. For a while, the two languages ​​coexisted, but a big problem arose when Fëanor and the Noldor They returned to Middle Earth.

In Middle Earth, king Thingol ruled over all Sindarin elves, those who did not travel to Valinor. When he learned of the atrocities that Fëanor and his people had committed, Thingol forbade speaking Quenya in his realm to show his disdain for Fëanor’s actions.

A) Yes, Sindarin became the de facto language of nearly all elves in Middle-earth. Of course many High Elves they continued to speak Quenya, although it was no longer a common language. In fact, in the Second Age, Sindarin was the elvish language par excellence, and when Tolkien’s work refers to Elvish, he is speaking of Sindarin, not Quenya.

For that reason, some fans have found strange that Arondir and his fellow elves speak Quenya during their captivity with the orcs. Arondir, the character of Ismael Cruz Córdova, is a wood elf the misty mountainsnot a High Elf, so you should speak Sindarin. Even though he was subservient to the King Gilgalad and he might have had some knowledge of quenya, it’s not his main language.

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