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the of Robert Lewandowski is one of those names that fill your mouth. Being called that one can aspire to almost anything: from traveling to space to discovering the definitive cure against cancer. But the Pole opted for football and in that field he has not had any major problems to weave a brilliant career that now, we suppose, he aspires to prolong in a club with the hierarchy and overexposure of Barça. “Having worked with Guardiola has prepared me for this moment,” he says. the new striker culé. And there will be those who think that having worked, in general, is already a good start in the umpteenth attempt to revive a team that abandoned the culture of effort among general consent.

Hunger moves more mountains than faith, says an old proverb that I just made up. And while faith—or in this case method—is very important in a socialite as particular as the Blaugrana, the weight of the great footballers and the sum of their empty stomachs could be the most appropriate formula to reach an end that, during the last five years, was barely pursued with words. “Intentions, like millions, are better on the pitch than on the bench,” Johan Cruyff would say if death weren’t a purely Madridist invention. And what we have seen in this pre-season of Xavi’s Barça is exciting because it is tangible, away from repetitive mantras that vitiate the debate and cloud the objectives: it is no longer about insinuating cruyffista, Aragonese either mandalorianbut to compete and win from the minimum respect due to a heritage that is only discussed from rancor.

In the absence of bureaucratic procedures such as the registration of soccer players -Laporta has achieved the miracle that preseasons also have their excitement-, the executives seem to have fulfilled their part of the deal. Now it will be negotiated from Xavi and the footballers confirm those good feelings they have for the parish culé celebrating successes in advance in luxurious hotels in Bora Bora, which is why the levers applied to the family economy were invented. The demand will be maximum and excuses will have no place in a project that brings together experience and enthusiasm in proportional parts.

The present no longer depends exclusively on diminutives printed on the shirt. And the future could well be conjugated with corrosion-proof Polish surnames, a protective screen that will allow young people to mature on the direct path to scoring, which is good when the game does not appear. That same approach Pep Guardiola seems to have bought it after the signing of Erling Haaland, with the difference that the City coach today does not have to demonstrate the benefits of his processes. On the contrary, Xavi Hernández has a long way to go in this new adventure and it never hurts to have that grandiose shortcut that unblocks games and reduces tensions.

Signing a footballer like Haaland is an almost perfect investment. He is young, capable and over the top. In the worst case, it will force some kind of exit in a few years and City will recover all its investment, while the signing of Lewandowski is integrated into a forced bet on red, all or nothing, because the passage of time brings it closer more and more to retreat. “I aspire to offer an entire experience”, says Tamara Falcó about her restaurant in the last reality show from Netflix. “And what experience is that of going to eat an hour from Madrid?”, Protests her mother. Right now, Xavi and his team are at that point: before dreaming, we will have to close the gap.

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