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A few months ago we had the opportunity to test for a while a curious moped halfway between bicycle and electric scooter with seat. she was the Vassla Bikean interesting product that, however, had an obvious problem: it required a driver’s license and was limited to the road.

For those who prefer a bicycle to use, Vässla expands its offer with Vässla Pedal, an electric bicycle with a removable battery with a range of up to 100 kilometers and an attractive design for a product to which we will have to be subscribed.

Vässla Pedal data sheet

Vassla Pedal


Assistance up to 25 km/h.

Dimensions and weight.

Dimensions to be confirmed. 19kg weight.

Maximum load.

120kg weight.


Removable battery with up to 100 kilometers of assistance available.


Data to be confirmed.


Data to be confirmed.


IoT connectivity for unlocking the bike, real-time tracking, theft alert or trip history record.


Three subscription services from 59 euros/month. Without permanence or with six or twelve months of permanence.

An electric bike by subscription

With a design that bets on extreme minimalism, with a single tube in the frame and almost no visible wiring, the Vassla Pedal It is committed to a very careful image and in line with the electric bicycles on the market that are committed to an urban image. Fenders and integrated front and rear lights are included.

But the great attraction of this Vässla Pedal is its removable battery that can get 100 kilometers of pedaling assistance autonomy, according to the brand. This assistance is configurable on three levels and is no longer available when exceed 25 km/has marked by legislation.

As for the rest of the technical features, the bike comes with 24-inch wheels and wide all-season tires. The total weight of it is 19 kg and it admits cyclists of up to 120kg weight. Its 250W motor and 45 Nm of torque assist pedalling. In addition, the power sensor determines the requested assistance based on the force exerted in each pedal stroke.

In addition to having a support on the handlebar to carry the mobile phone, the bicycle has its own application and connectivity with the user’s device to alert them in the event of theft, monitor the situation of the bicycle in real time, unlock it digitally to allow its use or store a history with the trips made.

Regarding its acquisition, Vässla only offers a subscription service that starts from the 59 euros/month which includes helmet, lock, insurance and maintenance with stays of twelve and six months or a last option without stay and monthly payment.

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