Federal Asado Championship: it will be this long weekend and will have a representative from Santa Cruz

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This Sunday, August 14, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the fourth edition of the Federal Roast Championship on Av. 9 de Julio, between Av. Corrientes and Av. de Mayo.

During the event there will be cultural and recreational activities for the whole family with gastronomic offers from $500, and with 23 professional grill representatives from each of the provinces and 1 from the City of Buenos Aires who will compete for the prize for the best barbecue in the country. meters from the Obelisk.

“The Federal Roast Championship It is an event that seeks to promote the gastronomic sector and encourage the professional development of contestant grillers by choosing the best barbecue in Argentina”, he commented, for his part, Hector GattoUndersecretary of Gastronomic Policies.

Desired Roast

Martin “Cacho” Barriawill be the grill that represents Santa Cruz in the Federal Roast Championship. native of Desired PortCacho is an experienced griller and will bring all his knowledge to this contest, one of the most important in the country. This Wednesday, Martín Barría spoke with The Radio Opinion in LU12 AM680 and recounted how his beginnings were on the grill.

I started making barbecues when I was 15 years old and I never stopped since then. In addition, I am lucky to have an uncle who is a chef who came from Buenos Aires to live back in Deseado and I always worked with him and traveled around Patagonia making barbecues,” he said.

“Cacho” is an electrician and works in Public Services State Company (SPSE), however, along with his uncle Josephenjoys his passion for barbecue, which stopped being just a hobby and became a lifestyle.

“I have gone to Commodore, Trelew, Rio Gallegos. There we have gone to make a stew in Boxing and here in Deseado we have made large popular roasts,” he said and explained that he cooked a whole cow and 300 sausages in Comodoro, in addition to cooking a roast for more than 600 people.

Along these lines, Cacho commented that he is usually hired for birthdays, weddings and all kinds of events. “Last month I roasted 18 days in a row, I stopped for two days and then I did 5 more days. There are seasons, especially in November/December, we constantly do barbecues, those months are full,” he added.

The secrets for a good barbecue, according to “Cacho” Barría

On the other hand, the experienced grill revealed some secrets and customs that he has when it comes to cooking good meat on the grill.

“The fire is the main thing, there are many people who say: ‘The best barbecue is the one that uses less firewood’. Not for me, for me the best is the one that brings the hot food to the dinersif the roast is not hot, you don’t enjoy it,” said Cacho.

Along these lines, he recalled some classic tips on roasts, such as preparing cuts with the bone.

“He’s always on the bone side of the grill. The bone lets you play so that the fat goes down more calmly, it is always classic that the bone goes down“, he indicated.

In addition, he added that to cook barbecues for a large number of people, he always calculates half a kilo of meat per person.

In this context, he gave key advice when cooking lamb, a procedure that takes several hours to cook: “Everything is done with patience, when I work I try to drink waterhydrate myself, because sometimes they are very hot days. I have had to work with 28 degrees and make 15 lambs“.

What will the Federal Asado Championship be like?

Secondly, Martin Barria He explained what the renowned championship will be like, which year after year selects the best grills from all the provinces.

The tournament will be three cuts, condiments and vegetables that will be drawn by the jury. With that we have to make three dishes with a sauce type chimichurri and the garnish“, he pointed.

The contest to be held on the avenue July 9thin front of Obeliskwill have great media coverage, even being televised nationally.

Regarding the prize, “Cacho” commented that he didn’t even ask what it is and that only this Tuesday he sent the presentation video, in addition to finalizing some more details of the imminent tournament. “We will do everything possible to bring the medal“, closed the Santa Cruz grill


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