Federal Roast Championship 2022: when and where will it be

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The fourth Federal Championship of the Asado will be held where the 24 jurisdictions of the country will say present to show the products of the typical dish of the Argentine table.

The event will take place on Av. 9 de Julio, between Av. Corrientes and Av. de Mayo, next Sunday, August 14, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There, all those who want to be present will also have the opportunity to taste and that was established that there will be fixed menus with a value of $500.

To make it an event with various specialties, 50 stalls were established for all provinces and, during the championship, there will also be different shows on the stage located at Av. 9 de Julio and Av. de Mayo.

Each of the grills was selected by the UTHGRA CABA (Union of Tourism, Hotel and Gastronomy Workers of the Argentine Republic) through an open call.

Then, the 24 participants representing each province will be divided into three groups of eight people. After they are assembled, they will need to cook three cuts of meat (roast strip, chicken breast and leg, and pork brisket) as well as vegetables within an hour.

When the time is up, each one must present their dishes to a technical and institutional jury that will evaluate them to decide who goes to the second part of the championship, where only two from each group will have a place in the final stage.

After the designation, only six provinces will compete for the podium where they must prepare vacuum cuts, rump lid, pork tenderloin and chitterlings. All products were agreed with the Argentine Federation of Steakhouses.

At the end of this instance, the jury will be in charge of choosing the great winner of 2022 and the fourth in this federal championship.

It is an event carried out by the Ministry of Economic Development and Production, through BA Capital Gastronómica, to promote barbecue grills from all over the country by awarding the best barbecue of 2022. (NA)

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