Find out which was Ozzy Osbourne’s favorite album for Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead)

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For years, Ozzy Osbourne maintains a beautiful friendship with the Motörhead bassist. That relationship was forged with the album ‘No More Tears’ in 1991 when Kilmister participated in four songs, including “Mom, I’m Coming Home”. In addition, this song was positioned within the Billboard Hot 100 Magazine Top 40. (Via UCR)

The musician from “Patient Number 9” He recalls that he loved the fact of refuting some issues such as giving. When there was a bit of a dispute between the two, they had a wonderful time. Osbourne’s favorite line: “Your best album was ‘No More Tears‘” or they also said: “That record you just made is fucking shit.“. Those minutes he remembers very fondly.

Osbourne was a very loyal friend as he was also accompanying Lemmy Kilmister when he was fighting the fight with cancer of prostate, which unfortunately did not overcome it. This was all about six years ago, and he was diagnosed with that anomaly after his 70th birthday.

When I went to Latin America, it was at the time he was there on tour. Lemmy was so impaired that he couldn’t talk to anyone.. Affirms the British to Metal Hammer.

The words that the 73-year-old musician remembers best were that the Californian assured him: “I’m probably going to die. I never thought I’d make it to 70. So I’ve done well in life“.

Motörhead’s bass player was very compassionate until the moment he began to suffer from diabetes and hypertension. Ozzy remembers that Lemmy told him: “I could have lived much longer and taken care of myself, but I lived my life the way I wanted to live and I don’t regret it.“.

Lemmy Kilmister and his clone theory:

the legacy of Lemmy Kilmister it is eternal. His figure is and will always be remembered and revered by all lovers of the rock world. Moreover, we could say that he is among that select group of artists who are respected by all those who were his companions in battle. A fact that is not easy to achieve. His music and his way of being were a perfect mix that made him one of the most beloved figures in music.

In this sense, the stories around his life are innumerable and of all kinds. But what we have never heard is a theory about supposed clones of Lemmy. As you can hear, three clones of the artist who must have been on the loose in their day. This is how they explained it Gary Holt (Exodus, Slayer) and Nick Oliveri (Stöner, Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss).

The statements took place in Banger TV (via Blabbermouth) and in them, the two musicians shared the stories lived together with Motorhead and his love for the gang led by Lemmy. However, the words that have surprised the most are those that refer to those three copies of Lemmy: “I am convinced, and have been for decades, that there is more than one Lemmy, or at least there was.”

“We (Exodus) used to, back in the day, splurge more money on tours. When we did a European tour, we insisted that we had to spend a week in London first, to acclimate to the time change. We basically party like fucking animals for five or seven days.

“This was when Lemmy was still living in England and London. Y We were going out to a bar and there was Lemmy. We’d go up and hang out with him, get high or whatever and have a few drinks”.

“We told him: ‘Let’s go to this other place.’ Y Lemmy would reply: ‘Very well. See you later’. And we got there and he was already sitting at the bar; that is, he had been there for an hour. And then we went to another place and he was there before us, and we left him sitting at the bar…”.

“And since then we are convinced that there are at least three different Lemmys, because it is impossible for him to have done it. But, you know, Lemmy is God, so…”

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