fintech sets foot in another regional giant

The startup lands in the coffee growing country, the third in the region, and continues with its consolidation roadmap in Latin America

Mint, the company allows any company to offer its own collection solution and financial services to its network of businesses. arrives at Colombia after opening its offices in Mexico just a month ago.

In this way, your goal is to make your customers generate new sources of income, strengthen the relationship with your networkY increase competitiveness facing the market.

As a differential, the firm seeks to generate financial inclusion by empowering B2B companies to provide different types of payment tools to boost their sales, profitability and efficiency.

Virginia Folgueiro, co-founder and CEO of Menta, highlighted that “Colombia is one of the largest markets in Latam, where there is a lot of growth and enormous potential.”

Therefore, by 2023 they hope to be the leading embedded finance solution for B2B companies that achieves financial inclusion and transforms the lives of all businesses in this country.

Menta, a collaborative platform

Folgueiro also explained that its platform is “open and collaborative, to incorporate value-added services from our clients, partners and its own, and enrich the experience at the point of sale.”

Virginia Folgueiro, CEO of Menta: “Colombia is one of the largest markets in Latam, where there is a lot of growth and enormous potential”

The solution of Mint allows the integration of products and services within the dataphone that add value for businesses and consumers, such as payment of utility bills, credits, investments, cryptocurrency paymentsY loyalty programsamong many others.

To achieve this, the startup developed the technological infrastructure that includes:

  • Collection devices (SmartPOS, or smart point of sale), state-of-the-art payment terminals
  • End-to-end payment platform
  • Ecosystem of value services
  • Connections with the main market players

A Fintech DNA with social impact

The company is committed to becoming transforming agent that help bridge the financial inclusion gap in Latin America.

Folgueiro added that “we want to be a promoter of social change, contributing to the financial inclusion of millions of businesses in Latin America, where two out of three do not have access to financial services and cannot progress.”

In this field, the fintech proposes ideas that seek to change the status quoand thus allows market evolution.

“We come to achieve equity by allowing everyone to have the possibility of accessing the financial products necessary to develop and grow economically,” Folgueiro concluded.


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