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Editor: Julio Fumero

CUBA: Why does Cuba need a new Family Code?

Cuban society today makes visible the changes produced in recent decades, based on the evolution of the traditional structure of the family and the existence of ties beyond heterosexual, monogamous and for reproductive purposes.

CUBA: Family Code is a lot of steps forward

The Uruguayan journalist Fernando Ravsberg asserted today that the new Family Code in Cuba takes a lot of steps forward and its elaboration required the change of many mentalities, including some decision makers.

BRAZIL: More than 1,100 candidacies for elections pending trial

A total of 1,146 candidacies for the general elections on October 2 in Brazil appear until today sub judice (pending a judicial resolution), after being disapproved for failing to comply with the legislation.

BOLIVIA: Evo Morales highlights US decadence in Latin America

The decline that the United States is experiencing today in Latin America was highlighted on the social network Twitter by former Bolivian President Evo Morales when referring to the United Nations General Assembly.

VENEZUELA: Elected chiefs are sworn in in grassroots elections of the PSUV

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) will swear in today in a great mobilization day throughout the country the elected leaders in the elections to renew and strengthen its base structures, held last August

PANAMA: Workers denounce violation of labor rights

Members of the National Confederation of Independent Trade Union Unit of Panama will denounce today before the Ministry of Labor several violations of the labor rights of their members.

EL SALVADOR: Remittances maintain a great contribution to the economy

Remittances constitute one of the largest incomes to the economy of El Salvador so far in 2022, with an amount of five thousand 66 million dollars until August.

UNITED NATIONS: Claims from Africa will be a central part of the next Climate Summit

The next United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP27) will have among its central themes the claims of Africa, which today faces a serious ecological problem due to this scourge, Egypt said.

United Nations: Chinese FM reviews bilateral ties with Russia, Portugal and Serbia

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi discussed with representatives of Russia, Portugal and Serbia the progress of the ties, in the context of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, which continues today.

UNITED KINGDOM: Government will present budget to alleviate cost of living

The British Conservative government will today reveal budget plans with which it intends to deal with the cost of living crisis, which affects millions of people in the United Kingdom.

CHINA: Main airlines with recovery

China’s major airlines reported a recovery in August, after closing the first half of the year with losses of 50 billion yuan (more than seven billion dollars), the Global Times newspaper reported today.

CHINA: Former Minister of Justice receives capital sentence for corruption

A Chinese court today sentenced former Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua to death after finding him guilty of taking bribes and abuse of power.



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