First preview of La Última, the Aitana series that already has a release date on Disney +

MADRID, 21 Sep. (CultureLeisure) –

The last, fiction that will be the acting debut of Aitana and it will be the first Disney+ original series in Spain, has released its first teaser. musical fiction, will have five episodes and is also starring Miguel Bernardeau, will see the light in decemberalthough the exact launch day has not yet been specified.

The video published by Disney +, barely fifteen seconds long, shows the characters of Candela (Aitana Ocaña), a young woman who seeks to make a living as a singer, and Diego (Miguel Bernardeu), a boxer. with whom he has many love encounters and disagreements.

The images are accompanied by the song La Última by Aitana herselfthat performed for the first time in his massive concert on September 18 at the WiZink Center in Madrid. It was in this performance, moreover, where the artist announced that the fiction will premiere in December.

“The Last, a generational portrait of maturity, the struggle to make one’s way, love, complicity and the power of friendshiptells the story of Candela (Aitana Ocaña), a girl who works in a logistics company while pursuing her dream of becoming a singer.

His life changes when Fede (Aitor Luna), an executive of a multinational record company, listen to her sing in a bar. That same night, Candela meets again with Diego (Miguel Bernardeau), an old classmate from his high school who fights to be a professional boxer. This is the starting point of La Última, a story of overcoming, disappointment, illusion, courage and empowerment“, Says the official synopsis of the series.

Together with Aitana, Miguel Bernardeu and Aitor Luna, La Última has in its leading cast Luis Zahera (The kingdom), Jorge Motos (Lucas), Sandra Cervera (The secret of Puente Viejo), Jorge Perugorría (Strawberry and chocolate), Óscar de la Fuente (The good boss), David Castillo (Aída) and Esther Ortega (Disappeared). The series is directed by Eduard Cortés (Merlí) and Abigail Schaaff (The Ministry of Time). Anaïs Schaaff (Isabel, The Ministry of Time), Jordi Calafí (Malaka, The Ministry of Time) and Joaquín Oristrell (Tell me how it happened, The Tribu) are the creators.

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