First process for the incidents of the Champions League final in Paris

The investigations into the incidents in the Champions League final on May 28, which was played at the Stade de France, have borne fruit with a first judicial process against a man who is in provisional prison for having assaulted some Spanish fans.

The Bobigny prosecutor, Éric Mathais, who is in charge of these investigations, congratulated in statements to the newspaper The Parisien for this first case transmitted to the courts once it has been concluded by the special cell that has been created with a dozen police officers who have reviewed “thousands of hours” of video recordings.

Mathais trusts that there will be others, after the defendant, a young man from the Ivory Coast who arrived in France in 2018, where he is in an irregular situation, asked this Tuesday before a court in Bobigny where he was brought by the immediate appearance procedure, the postponement of its process in order to prepare it.

Meanwhile, this resident of the city of Epinay sur Seine, close to Saint-Denis where the Stade de France is located, He will continue behind bars accused of having stolen the mobile from a Spanish fan and for having hit his father when he intervened.

He is also indicted for having hit a policeman who chased him and that as a result of the attack he was on leave for 21 days.

Once stopped, four phones were found to this man who works as a delivery man and who has admitted that he is addicted to anxiolytics and that he smokes half a dozen joints every day.

According to The Parisien, 245 complaints have been filed for the attacks and aggressions against Real Madrid and Liverpool fans who attended the Champions League final, of which 130 have arrived by mailas was proposed to the Spanish and English fans.

The examination of the videos by the police has made it possible to verify that the perpetrators of these crimes were not the fans, but residents of the area who took advantage of the concentration to commit robberies and assaults.

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