Follow the Path of Tropical Depression 9 and Hurricane Fiona – NBC 7 South Florida

MIAMI – Hurricane Fiona is now Category 3 over Bermuda, and Tropical Storm Gaston will head toward the Azores in the coming days, according to reports from the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

But for now, neither Fiona nor Gaston will have implications for South Florida.

Tropical Depression 9 has formed in the Caribbean and is likely to become Tropical Storm Hermine in the next few hours.

Models are consistent and project that over the next five days, the developing storm could take a path that takes it across the Caribbean toward the southwestern coast of Cuba.

Models then show further strengthening of the system as the storm enters the Gulf of Mexico.

Although it is too early to know what this system wants to do or where it is headed with certainty, all of South Florida will have to be attentive to monitoring in the coming days.

Following one of the latest NHC advisories, Gaston had maximum sustained winds of 65 mph and was traveling rapidly northeast at 16 mph.

Forecasters say the tropical storm is maintaining steady strength and a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch have been issued for Bermuda as Hurricane Fiona travels with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph.


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