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The oldest footballer in LaLiga, Joaquin Sanchez (41 years old), a symbol of Beticism and one of the most charismatic emblems of the championship, has not yet been registered to be lined up on the first day. Betis only has 18 players available to face the first match of the competition, next Monday against Elche, as they have not been able to register their signings (Luiz Felipe, Luiz Henrique and Willian José), nor the renewed players (Bravo, Joaquín, Guardado and Camarasa) for exceeding the salary limit established by the employer’s economic control.

Barcelona is going through a similar ordeal. He has not yet been able to register his signings (Kessié, Christensen, Raphinha, Koundé and Lewandowski) nor to the renewed Dembélé and Sergi Roberto. Almería, for its part, only has 16 players registered before receiving Real Madrid next Sunday. These three clubs stage the economic hurricane that has been unleashed on much of professional football, unable to have settled their accounts. The problem was coming. Last spring, LaLiga sources slipped that more than a dozen teams exceeded the salary limit and failed to comply with the economic control, imposed in 2013 to avoid irrational expenses of the teams.

In a simplified way, to set the salary limit for each club, LaLiga audits the income from season tickets, ticket offices and sponsorships of each entity. In addition, an average of the profits from transfers of the last three years is made. From this income, LaLiga subtracts the structural expenses of each club (non-sporting expenses such as credits, salary of non-sporting staff or facilities) and the difference sets the wage bill for each of them, destined for the salary of the first team, coaching staff , subsidiary and quarry.

The clubs drag these problems due to their lower capacity to generate income since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in the 2019-20 academic year. The crisis worsened with the stagnation of a basic activity in previous years, such as the sale of players in the transfer market. The employer’s forecasts establish that the situation will not begin to normalize until next season.

last course, signing with the CVC fund made it possible to alleviate in part the delicate situation. It was a line of credit by which the clubs will receive 2,100 million euros to be repaid at low interest over 40 years in exchange for just under 9% of LaLiga’s profits over the next 50 years.

However, only 15% of this money could be dedicated to the first team. Betis, like many other clubs, spent the previous summer all the money from the CVC fund that it could allocate to transfers and wage bills. Since last June he needed about 25 million euros to be able to balance his salary limit. The Andalusian team, Cup champion and fifth classified, trusted everything to the transfer of some of their players to balance accounts. These sales have not arrived and now he works hard to find money under the rocks and to be able to register all his players for the start of the league. It will not be easy, although LaLiga allows the registration of players until the day of the match, it is most likely that the Andalusian team will start the competition with an incomplete squad. Barcelona and Almería are in a similar case. Betis, like Barça, has even thought of activating a financial lever by mortgaging its income from subscriptions and ticket sales for five years. A proposal that is pending validation by the employers themselves. Almería, who have not yet registered Kaiky, Milanovic, Pozo, Guedes, Babic, Pacheco and Mendes, entrust everything to the sale of their striker Sadiq to square his balance while signing Lao Baptistao.

Barcelona, ​​Betis and Almería hope to have all their players registered on August 31, when the squads must be confirmed by the closing of the market. Transfers, financial levers and review of contracts are the formulas to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, many LaLiga club executives are sweating ink to balance their accounts.

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