Former judo coach Ronaldo Veitía comes out of gravity

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The Cuban women’s judo coach Ronaldo Veitía Valdivié, hospitalized in Spain, came out on Thursday night from the serious state in which he was and shows a marked improvement in all aspects.

As reported by his son Ihosvany Ronaldo to the journalist Julia Osendi, thanks to his positive evolution, Veitía must leave the intensive care unit of the General University Hospital of Elda, in Alicante, on Friday and will be transferred to the ward.

Photo: Facebook Capture / Angela Julia Osendi Diaz

The last medical report, issued at 10 pm, revealed that the patient continues to show positive signals to the stimuli that are given to him and his neuromuscular responses are adequate.

“He does not have a fever and all the studies carried out have given negative results to possible infectious processes,” the text specifies.

Professor Veitía also underwent a new brain CT that did not show any lesions, and another in the heart with a satisfactory result.

He has already begun to ingest solid and liquid food orally, and was able to articulate his first words with difficulty, due to the time he was sedated and on assisted breathing.

“He has not presented any more arrhythmias and his blood sugar levels are completely stable. Thank you for your prayers and support,” said Ihosvany Ronaldo in his message.

“The general of his warriors has returned. So that his Cuba and the world of judo that loves him so much will know,” Osendi stressed.

Veitía has been in intensive care since last Sunday, and two days ago it started to evolve favorably.

The 74-year-old coach has been living in Spain for about three months with his son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren, in the Valencian province of Alicante.

Considered one of the best women’s judo coaches in the world, he worked for three decades as a coach for the Cuban team, which he led to a total of 24 Olympic medals: five gold, nine silver and 10 bronze.

In November 2021 His wife, Mercedes Rodríguez Caballero, died..

“I think I’m not lying to you if I tell you that I will never be able to recover, that I still can’t breathe, that I feel her by my side. I’ll take her with me until the end of my days. You met us together, you know what I’m telling you,” he told her. Veitía confessed to Osendi in an interview in April.

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