Former pitcher Julián Tavárez clarifies incident about injury to his face

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The Dominican who spent 17 seasons in the Major Leagues denied that he had suffered an attack in his native country

Former Major League Baseball player Julian Tavarez released a video this Thursday in which he clarified what happened last July that left him with an injury to his face.

On Wednesday night, several photographs appeared on social networks in which he was seen beaten on the left side of his face, which gave rise to various rumors about his state of health and the causes of the injuries on his face.

I’m not disabled or anything like that. No one has harmed me in my country. It was an accident at the play on July 19. My son Tavárez Jr. hit a line above me and he didn’t give me time… and he hit me in the face”, the former player with 11 MLB organizations clarified with these words.

“He broke a few bones, on the left side of my eye, but thank God I’m fine. Nothing, everything is fine.”

Tavárez, 49 years old, wanted to send a greeting to all his fans both in the United States and in the Dominican Republic in the audiovisual.

The former pitcher with the Águilas Cibaeñas in the Dominican winter ball offered statements to clarify what happened on Pedro Rosario’s Béisbol Caliente RD channel, an event that happened in Cleveland, Ohio.

“July 18 was the birthday of Julián Tavárez Jr. (son of the former pitcher), that weekend we were in Baltimore in some tournaments. On Tuesday the 19th I took him to some training camps, when we are in the BP, in practices… Tavárez Jr. is almost six feet, he hits the ball very hard… when I threw the last ball, I only heard the sound of the bat. I did not know more about it, I never saw that line above me”, declared the player who was in the Major Leagues for the last time in 2009 with the Nationals.

He also reported that he underwent plastic surgery and that he is currently fully recovered, while categorically denying that he had been attacked and beaten with bats as circulated on social networks.


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