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Comfort, hygiene and savings are some of the benefits that this appliance offers users.

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Without a doubt, technology has become a facilitator for the different daily tasks; Thanks to advances and developments in various household appliances we can carry out household activities quickly and efficiently and even save money, water and energy.

For this reason, more and more users are turning to household appliances such as dishwashers, as they save time and water, and make their day-to-day life easier, by automating one of the most costly activities when cleaning the house.

Here are four benefits of having a dishwasher at home:

  1. More time to enjoy what you like the most

Washing the crockery is one of the tasks that can consume the most time when fixing; Depending on the number of dishes and pots, it can take up to 45 minutes to finish.

With Samsung dishwashers you can do this job in a short time and without having to make much effort. You just have to put the pieces neatly inside, add the necessary detergent and turn it on, simplifying the process and allowing you to enjoy more time to do the things you love to do.

  1. Saving water and money

Although we are not aware, washing dishes can consume a lot of water; in an average wash you can spend up to 150 liters, especially if you have pots or pans. With a dishwasher at home you will not only save water, you will also save money. This appliance consumes approximately 9.7 liters of water per load[1]significantly reducing consumption.

Some models of Samsung dishwashers also have the Auto Cycle function[2] that detects the degree of dirtiness of the elements inside the device and selects the appropriate cycle so that everything comes out flawless without spending more. In this way, you can contribute to caring for the environment and save money while washing your dishes.

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  1. You take care of your health while keeping your crockery and pots impeccable

When washing crockery manually we expose ourselves to germs and bacteria that can remain on plates, glasses, pots and cutlery. To remove them it would be necessary to wash with hot water and repeat the process several times.

By having a dishwasher, you not only save time and water, you also take care of your health, as these appliances have different technologies, such as StormWash[3] that washes dishes and pots without the need for pre-treatment by expelling powerful jets of water from many angles. In addition, these devices use temperatures above 70º centigrade, so any bacteria or germ will no longer be a problem that affects your health.

  1. Brings a modern and elegant look to your kitchen

Currently we have open kitchens, so having colorful appliances that contribute to the design of our spaces is ideal. Samsung dishwashers have aesthetically beautiful designs that adapt to each kitchen style, since they not only come in gray, you also have the possibility of choosing a black model that complements the decoration of your home and gives it a modern touch. and discreet.

These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy from having a Samsung dishwasher in your home. If you want more information you can go to

[1] Internal test performed following IEC60436 standards (milk, tea, protein, eggs, oatmeal, spinach, butter) using a load equivalent to 14 people (plates: 88 pieces, utensils: 28 pieces). Results may vary depending on conditions of use.
[2] Valid for models DW80R2031UG and DW80R2031US
[3] Valid for references DW80R5061US and DW80R2031UG


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