Four dead and several injured in shooting in Haiti’s capital

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At least four people were killed today and several were injured after gunmen opened fire in a neighborhood north of the Haitian capital.

The events occurred in Tabarre 49 and most of the victims were motorcyclists who were driving on the avenue, according to local press reports.

The motives for the attack are still unknown, however, the capital has been submerged for more than a year in a wave of violence that triggered kidnappings and murders, while armed groups dispute the territories.

Armed gang violence on the rise in Haiti

Since June 2021, the southern exit of the capital has been controlled by gangs, which forced the search for alternative routes to access the four southern departments of the country by land, however, these roads are also under the influence of gangs.

Human rights organizations denounced more than 500 murders this year and a similar number of kidnappings in the capital’s metropolitan area where gangs operate with impunity.

The Police, for its part, carried out several operations in recent weeks and arrested dozens of members of the gangs, while killing others, but the actions, according to experts, are still insufficient.

Haiti has just over 14,000 police officers and 1,200 soldiers for a population of some 12 million, while the gangs, who recruit even minors, are better equipped.

The government has requested international cooperation to arm its security forces, however, help is slow in coming. (Latin Press)

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