France grapples with peak of fourth heat wave

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France is experiencing today the peak of temperatures of the fourth heat wave of the summer season, with the forecast that they will exceed 40 degrees Celsius in some locations.

The sun and heat dominate throughout the country, where 19 departments are under orange surveillance, the second highest, due to this week’s canicular episode, which follows those registered in June (early), at the beginning of July and between the end of last month and this.

According to the report of the Météo France agency, from the northern region of Brittany to the southwestern course of the Garonne river, the average temperature will be 32 to 39 degrees, from Normandy to the northeast from 29 to 35 and in the southeast of 30 to 38.

Entered on land, and less in the coastal areas, the thermometers will reach 40 and 41 degrees Celsius at the local level, he specified.

The authorities call on the population to maintain hydration, stay safe, avoid alcohol and vigorous physical exercise, and monitor the most vulnerable people.

Given climate change, the dog days in Europe will be more frequent and intense, experts warn, a scenario that generates concern in France, where the 2003 heat wave left 15,000 dead.


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