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With the increase in the price of gasoline, many people seek to save fuel and because of this, it could lead them to fall into scams with supposed cards to obtain free gasoline.

“Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of this situation,” said Viridiana Quintana, spokeswoman for the Better Business Bureau.

As always, the impostors have managed to steal from their victims, who are already dealing with inflation, and the last thing they need is to lose their money.

“They are saying that they are going to give away cards, for gas stations like gift cardsQuintana explained.

The Better Business Bureau reviews the scams that are circulating and assures that it is on the rise, since fuel prices continue to be soaring. Quintana explains that misleading offers come through text messages, emails, or social media posts.

They will tell you that you will receive a card with hundreds of dollars, but they have to pay a small fee, but that fee is only to steal your personal information, “he explained.

With this information, impostors can steal your money and your identity. In one case reported to the BBB, a person claimed to have lost $180 when he only wanted to pay $2 for the alleged mailing of the card he was told he had earned.

“It can be tempting to be able to click the button to apply. We want everyone to really take their time and verify everything that has that message,” Quintana advised.

What is at stake is your savings and instead of improving your finances, you would make your situation much worse if you fell for this scam.

If someone offers you a gift card, it should be just that: a gift. Don’t agree to pay any fees up front, or give out your personal details, it’s unnecessary, and almost certainly a fraud.


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