From his love for Yilmaz to falling in love with Fikret

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Müjgan is the last character of ‘bitter land‘ who has left us. The doctor was ready to start a new life in Istanbul. The doctor discovers that Fikret and her friend Ümit were together and after hearing a tempting job offer in the Ottoman capital, she decides to take a plane and leave everything behind.

Müjgan says goodbye to his son, Fekeli and Lütfiye before boarding the plane without imagining that it would be the last time he would see them. The plane he is traveling in suffers an accident without leaving any survivors. Müjgan dies leaving a great void in the heart of Fekeli, of Fikret and in the thousands of fans who follow Turkish fiction.

The truth is that Müjgan has been a key player in the history of ‘bitter land‘. We remember the best moments of the doctor in Turkish fiction:

1. His unconditional love for Yilmaz

The doctor Müjgan landed in Çukurova with a pure heart, willing to help others in Adana Public Hospital. In her path appears Yilmaz, the person who changes the course of her life.

The young woman falls in love and gets carried away despite later discovering the history that Yilmaz has with Züleyha. The truth is that, at first, Yilmaz comes to love Müjgan. The young man, convinced that Züleyha no longer has feelings for him, marries Mujganbut their happiness lasts just a breath and soon jealousy and arguments begin.

2. The arrival of Kerem Ali, the son of Yilmaz and Müjgan

If there is something that changes in the history of Müjgan and Yilmaz, it is the arrival of Kerem Ali. The doctor finds out that she is pregnant and gives Yilmaz the happy news just as the young man tries to run away with Zuleyha.

Nevertheless, that news changes the plans. Yilmaz decides to stay with his wife. On her part, Züleyha is also expecting a child from Demir so things get complicated for the couple.

But fate is capricious and the two babies are born on the same day and before their time. Müjgan goes into labor and cannot locate Yilmaz. The young man is with Züleyha who also breaks water and takes her to the hospital. There he meets his wife and the doctor, when he sees Yilmaz arrive with Züleyha, he changes forever.

The son of Müjgan and Yilmaz is about to die. The arrival of his aunt, her obsession with Züleyha and the fear of losing her child changes Müjgan’s heart.

3. Müjgan shows his worst version

After the birth of Kerem Ali, Müjgan shows his worst version. Invaded by jealousy and bad influence of her aunt Behice the discussions with Yilmaz do not stop.

The young woman’s desperation leads her to commit more than one madness: she puts her life in danger, records a meeting between Züleyha and Yilmaz to show it to Demir and even shoots Züleyha.

4. Fekeli, a father to the doctor

Without a doubt, the arrival of Behice changes Müjgan. After the death of his father, the doctor is left alone. She only has Yilmaz, her husband, and Fekeli, who is like a father to her.

And it is that Fekeli always takes care of her and her grandson. Despite the fact that the doctor has come close to separating Kerem Ali from her grandfather. In fact, her son is named Ali after Fekeli.

After much pain and suffering, Müjgan agrees to part with Yilmaz, but the sudden death of the young man leaves the doctor a widow.

5. Fikret, Müjgan’s new love

When Müjgan thought that he would not be able to fall in love again, Fikret appears in his life. The young man arrives like a tornado and revolutionizes his entire world. Little by little, Müjgan returns to being the person he was and is carried away by his feelings.

Fikret brings out the best in her and her dark heart is left behind. Although the couple also has their ups and downs, especially when the doctor discovers that Fikret seeks revenge on the Yaman family.

It cannot be denied that Müjgan has been a very important character in the history of ‘bitter land‘ although unfortunately he has not had a happy ending with Fikret. We will never forget you Müjgan!

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