Furniture retail trade invoiced 18% more in 2021

According to the Sectoral Observatory DBK of INFORMS (subsidiary of Cesce), leader in the supply of Commercial, Financial, Sectorial and Marketing Information in Spain and Portugal, the market furniture retailer experienced a 18% rise in 2021, until reaching 3.35 billion euros, recovering almost all the business lost as a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 health crisis.

The reactivation of consumption and the investmentas well as the favorable behavior of the real-estate marketresidential and tertiary, are some of the factors that explain the notable growth in income.

Double-digit sales increases were recorded for all product families. The segment of home furniture concentrated most of the business, a 71.5% of the total (2.395 million euros), registering a 18% increase between 2020 and 2021. For its part, the segment of kitchen cabinet contributed the 16.1% of the businesscorresponding to office furniture a 8.1% weight.

It is estimated that the specialized trade concentrated in 2021 the 86% of the total sales figure, corresponding to 14% remaining at non-specialized department stores.

The penetration in the market of online channel It has been significantly expanded in recent years. Thus, the Internet salesof furniture, lighting and household items have practically triplicate since 2018.

Once the pre-pandemic level has been recovered, a additional increase of sector turnover at the close of 2022largely supported by the upward trend in prices.

As regards the network of points of sale, the opening of new store formats, highlighting the proximity establishments. In parallel, the online channel will continue to increase its market share in the short and medium term.

There is a progressive trend increased degree of concentration of the offer. Thus, the top five operators met in 2021 the 55% of the market, a share that stood at 71% when considering the top ten.

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