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After the great news of knowing that the BetPlay Women’s League in the second half of 2022 was canceled, when it was expected that this contest would be played as speculated at the beginning of the year, the solution of the players is to change course. It hurts, without a doubt it hurts to leave the country that way knowing that the nation is not committed to women’s soccer, but they want to continue their sports career.

Gabriela Huertas, one of the players who has made huge strides in the Colombian Women’s National Team, and who was on the preliminary list to play the Copa América, entering the call for friendly preparations against the United States, changed the scene. Her 31 years make her a very intelligent and experienced player who knows that staying in Colombia is not her solution.

First it was Lorena Bedoya, brand midfielder who will go to Greece. Following those steps was Kena Romero who signed with Santiago Morning, and now Gabriela Huertas, a new player from the University of Chile, joins. Kena and Gabriela opted for Chilean soccer after their experience in Independiente Santa Fe, runner-up in the League in 2021 and the Copa Libertadores.

Gabriela Huertas became the first reinforcement of the Chilean lionesses. She will be looking to roar in a new country and with goals for the Copa Conmebol Libertadores in Ecuador from October 13-28. She leaves Santa Fe with two titles, being one of the first champions and achieving it in 2020 as well. She knows what it’s like to play international tournaments with three editions played.

The University of Chile made the signing official with the desire to achieve with Gabriela Huertas more dominance in the spinal cord and thus seek the bi-championship. The institution on its page described Huertas as, “among his main characteristics is his great aggressiveness when it comes to playing the ball, his shot from outside the area and the contribution in the team’s defensive and offensive play, qualities that he hopes to be able to show in the second round of the Caja Los Andes Women’s Championship and the Conmebol Libertadores Cup”.


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