Gaceta Dental renews its image and commits to digital content

The month of September has been full of news. And it is that last day 15 not only took place the award ceremony of the 25 Dental Gazette Awardsbut it was the presentation and launch of the new stage that is inaugurated in the Gaceta Dental brand. An image that, as detailed below, goes beyond a new logo or a change in corporate colors.

A new brand based on four pillars: the content, the new visual identity, the new GD Awards and a new offering for its clients. With a value proposition based on the personalization of content based on the different niches of Gaceta readers, a most sophisticated paper magazine and one original staging of our corporate events.

Moment of the cocktail after the delivery ceremony of the 25 Gaceta Dental Awards. Image. Oscar Grill.

Welcome to the new era of Dental Gazette

Thus began his speech Eneko Rojas, brand and strategy director of Step (editing group of Gaceta Dental), who took advantage of the occasion to present the four fundamental pillars on which the new image of our header will be based.


As for the digital channel, the new website of Gaceta Dental bets on sections such as Researchwhere they are collected studies and advances produced in the international dental scene so that any Spanish-speaking reader can have access to information hitherto available to the English-speaking community.

The commitment to content aimed at students, our present and future, or another section aimed at patientswhere the truthful information provided by renowned professionals and official associations seeks to educate that audience that is often subjected to misleading and dangerous news.

The Dental Gazette Store, the specialized bookstore where more and more dentists, hygienists and prosthetists find books with which to continue their training, and the Peldaño Studio brand, which will promote the audiovisual format in the sector, will complete the commitment to our true raw material: the contents.

For their part, the paper users of Gaceta Dental will be able to enjoy, from the October issue, a new format for the contents of our magazine, with a cleaner, more modern design according to the professionals of the 21st century.

Visual identity

“All these changes have been accompanied by a new image, fresher and digital. We have renewed the logo, better prepared for digital environments, with a new color palette”, underlined Eneko Rojas during the presentation.

Since September 16, users of and subscribers to our newsletters have discovered the renewed visual identity of digital content: a most modern logoa warmer color palette and a website structured in new more accessible and visual sections.

GD Awards

And what better time to present this renewed image than the gala of the 25 Dental Gazette Awards. In this edition, Peldaño opted for a emblematic location like the Palace of the Dukes of Pastrana; by a more dynamic, participatory and modern staging; a redefinition of categories, “more in line with the new times”; and a new presenterJordi Nexus.

New offering

And to adapt to the real needs of our clients, at Gaceta Dental we have designed a new package of solutions and communication possibilities focused on personalization and content marketingwith the focus on a digital channel where Gaceta has more than 3 million page views as of September 2022. Without a doubt, a revolution in the way we present the content of our website.

As Eneko Rojas concluded at the gala for the 25th Gaceta Dental Awards, “at Peldaño we communicate, connect and promote but, above all, we make things happen”.

Welcome to the new era of Dental Gazette!

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