‘Game of Thrones’ took seven seasons to overcome what it has achieved with just five episodes

We were already clear that ‘The house of the dragon’ it was a great success. own hbo max took care to make it clear after the historical data viewership of its first episode, but now Variety has revealed what is average audience for each episode in the United States taking into account the viewings through all platforms, and the spectacular figure: 29 million viewers.

Impressive success

The data itself is quite striking, but a good way to better understand what it represents is to compare it with the stockings What did ‘Game of Thrones’series that it only surpassed that average audience during its last two seasons:

  • Season 1: 9.3 million viewers on average
  • Season 2: 11.6 million
  • Season 3: 14.4 million
  • Season 4: 19.1 million
  • Season 5: 20.2 million
  • Season 6: 25.7 million
  • Season 7: 32.8 million
  • Season 8: 46 million

Obviously, ‘The house of the dragon’ has in its favor that it had an audience already interested in this universe created by George R.R. Martin and a world in which streaming has gained much more relevance, but that does not mean that its success is impressive.

Also, ‘House of the Dragon’ following has stabilized with a slight upward trendwell the fifth episode has grown by 3% compared to to the roomwhile the latter improved the data by 5% of the third. It is not a growth as spectacular as the one that ‘Game of Thrones’ was having at the time, but it is that it starts from a much higher point.

The House Of The Dragon Actresses

Now we have to see if the important change that the series will suffer in its sixth episode will not affect its popularity in any way. Personally I’m going to miss a lot Milly Alcock and Emily Careybut I hope that Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke They don’t detract from the adult versions of Rhaenyra and Alicent.

By the way, if anyone is thinking now that ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ He had 25 million only during its first episode, don’t forget that that was worldwide audience and ‘The house of the dragon’ refers only to the United States.

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