Gang claims blockade of Haiti’s main oil terminal

Port-au-Prince, Sep 23 (Prensa Latina) Former Haitian police officer Jimmy Cherizier, at the head of a gang federation, claimed responsibility for the paralysis of the main oil terminal and challenged the government to try to unblock it, according to a video circulating today on social networks.

Cherizier, known as Barbecue and who leads at least nine of the most powerful armed groups in the country, assured Prime Minister Ariel Henry that they would only be able to access the warehouse after killing them all.

In the video Barbecue shows his arsenal and suggests to be ready for the fight.

Earlier this week, directors of the Varreux terminal, which stores 70 percent of the fuel, posted a distress message on Twitter and confirmed that access to the site was not possible.

“The barricades erected and the trenches dug around the Varreux Terminal make access to operators, employees and trucks impossible,” and the distribution of hydrocarbons is paralyzed until the situation normalizes, they said.

It is estimated that the institution safeguards some 3,723,426 gallons of diesel, another 3,902,346 gallons of gasoline and 816,228 gallons of kerosene in its deposits.

It also stores more than 700 thousand metric tons of propane gas for a national consumption of up to 20 days.

On Sunday, Henry announced that the country has stocks to restart the sale of fuels and justified the unpopular decision to increase their prices in order to have resources to develop social and economic relief projects for the most vulnerable.

In October last year, Barbecue blocked access to the Varreux terminal for a month, endangering the lives of hundreds of people in hospitals, halting oxygen production and making basic products more expensive.

At that time, Cherizier demanded the resignation of the head of government whom he related to the assassination months before of President Jovenel Moïse, and assured that his objective was to achieve a new revolution in the Caribbean nation.



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