George RR Martin demanded three conditions from HBO to give his approval to ‘The house of the dragon’

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Only ten days left to see ‘The house of the dragon’ on HBO Max and little by little we are learning more about the series with which they hope to alleviate the bad image of recent months by returning to Poniente. However, this time there are details that George RR Martin has insisted on adding in conversations with Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan Condal, the showrunners who will try to live up to the legacy of ‘Game of Thrones’.

of light and color

First of all Martin demanded colorful dragons. While it is true that in ‘Game of Thrones’ Daenerys’s three pets had small distinctive features, in ‘The House of the Dragon’ there will be a wide color palette so that each of them can be distinguished at a glance. In addition, the series in general will be more eye-catching thanks to the second demand of the writer.

And it is that Martin missed in ‘Game of thrones’ brighter heraldry. In other words: that the chromatic range of the major and minor houses of the Nine Kingdoms makes them recognizable at first sight. It is a time of peace and luxury, after alland the members of each house should be swathed in their proud heraldic colors.

The third requirement is a detail that has bothered Martin since the end of the original series: that King Jaeharys II not be namedIn a conversation with Jon, Aemon tells that after Aegon V it was Aerys II, the Mad King, who sat on the throne, when in the books Jaeharys II was in between. ‘The house of the dragon’ comes to fix this mess that was always a stone in the shoe of the creator.

And if he’s happy, his fans are too. Will ‘House of the Dragon’ succeed as ‘Game of Thrones’ did or will it be defeated by other series-events? Are we really prepared to return to this world? Ten days separate us from knowing it.

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