get genuine Windows 10 Pro for life for just $14, and Office for just $24!

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If you think that original software is expensive, it is because you are not familiar with the OEM licenses of, an online store that will allow us to buy original Microsoft software, such as Windows 10 and Office, at a good price, and that is now celebrating a sales season that will allow us to enjoy an additional 30% discount. Buying at is very easy and totally safe, since we only have to complete a simple registration process and we can use different payment methods.

Now that practically everything has risen in price, and that life is “increasingly expensive”, it is appreciated that we can continue to enjoy this type of offer, and thanks to them we can obtain original software valid for life at very cheap prices. Think that, for example, a Windows 10 retail license can cost you more than one hundred euros, while an OEM license will be yours for 12.5 euros. Both are valid for life.

Interesting, right? Well, wait until you see the offers that are available, you will surely find something you like. Remember that to enjoy an additional 30% discount you have to use the coupon “MUY” before finishing the purchase process. It is very important that you do not forget, otherwise you will be left without the discount.

Discount coupon 30% “VERY”!


How to buy Windows 10 Pro and use the coupon “VERY” to get 30% discount

Buying at is very simple, you just have to click the link that we have left you in the previous list of the product or products that you liked, this link will take you directly to the store and you can add it to the cart with a simple click. To finish the purchase process you will have to register or identify yourself, in case you already have a user profile. Signing up is so easy that it won’t take more than a minute.

When we are identified as a user we just have to follow the automated checkout process and we enter the coupon “MUY” as we see in the attached image, just before choosing the payment method. As we have already told you before, it is very important that you do not forget this step, since otherwise you will be left without the discount.

To finalize the order we can choose between different payment options, and once completed we will receive our Windows 10 Pro license in a few minutes. this will have lifetime validityso we will not have to worry about the passage of time, we will be able to use it throughout the useful life of our equipment.

Now that you have your Windows 10 Pro license, do you know how to use it? If the answer is no, don’t worry, it’s very easy, and we’ll explain how to use it. You have two options, you can activate an existing installation or perform a clean installation. In both cases its validity does not change, it will work the first time and it will be valid for life, as we have said.

If you want to activate an existing installation it is very simple, you just have to press the Windows key and type «See if Windows is activated». You go to the first result, you click on change the product key and enter the license you just bought in the pop-up window that will appear. When you have finished, click on “next” and let the activation complete, it will not take more than a few seconds. Ready, you already have your Windows activated.

In case you want to activate a fresh installation, you can enter the Windows 10 Pro license that you have purchased when the installation process asks for it, or you can skip that step and enter it once the installation is finished by following the steps we have given you above. The validity of the license does not change in any case, so you can rest easy.

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