Getting married, being a mother and dedicating yourself to philanthropy, among Selena Gomez’s future plans

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Selena Gomez he has set his sights on his future, and he is very clear about what he wants (and what he doesn’t want) in it. The actress, who just turned 30 has confessed on the podcast Giving Back Generation What are your plans for the coming years?

I hope to get married and be a mother. I’m really going to get tired of all this, so I’m probably going to dedicate most of my life to philanthropy before I leave, “said Selena about her intentions from here on out.

Gomez is currently immersed in different projects like the series Only Murders in the Buildingwho stars alongside Steve Martin Y Martin Shortin addition to other projects that go beyond the screen.

Mental health, your most important project

The businesswoman is very aware of the issue of mental health, so much so that she has made the decision to create Wonderminda platform to combat problems related to mental health.

In addition to creating this space, Selena Gomez also takes his own mental health very seriouslyand something that has helped her a lot in the process has been say goodbye to your social networks, and it’s been a year since the singer manages any of her profiles on the internet.

“Those who know me know that I’m an extremist. Things are one way or another. I really got tired of Instagram on my phone and gave that power to my assistant. Everything I post is texted to her instead of of having to worry about connecting and disconnecting. I don’t even know my passwordSelena recounted on the podcast.

Also encourage everyone to take a break from networkingeven for a few days: “I think it’s crucial and a part of our mental health,” he concluded.

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