Gigi Hadid launches her fashion brand

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Another model who signs up for the design career. Even if they don’t know how to draw a line, or don’t have good judgment when it comes to editing and selecting collections, creating a personal fashion brand is an alternative that models love. Gigi Hadid announces that he is founding his own brand, Guest in Residencewith a selection of knitwear and –above all– with the claim of seeing her wear them.

The model Gigi Hadid signs up for the design careerInstagram

With garments made in 100% cashmere, the older sister of Bella Hadidwho suffers from hypothyroidism that causes goiter –something that she solves with all kinds of fixes–, has already begun to pose on her Instagram account with different samples and colors of fabric, trying on some jerseys herself.

Gigi has been quick to update her profile bio, adding the role of founder and creative director of Guest in Residence. And it is that with the success of the super influencers Kardashian-Jenner in their projects, with the collaborations of Kate Moss with Zara, of Inés de la Fressange with Uniqlo and Roger Vivier or with the successes of Hailey Bieber in her line of cosmetics, joining face to a project seems to be successful.

Gigi Hadid has posted on her Instagram account several photos of the creative process for the new brandInstagram

But it’s not always like this. We have often seen projects initiated by models, socialites, singers or actresses go unnoticed, people who often, and less so in the case of Victoria Beckham, are a vase that is at the service of the image of a certain brand.

Gigi, however, will work with industry specialists who have participated in projects such as The Row or Theory. She herself had previously collaborated with Reebok and with Tommy Hilfiger, who even designed a Barbie in her image and likeness. The wheel of fashion keeps moving and every week she prepares new things for us.

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