Green-House creates universes of plants and synths

California has always had a great ambient music scene, especially in Los Angeles. Land of psychedelic deserts and always summery beaches; cultural capital during the hippisimo in the sixties and cradle of new age artists in the seventies; the history of the city is intertwined with the lives of numerous musicians attracted by the exploration of smooth textures and slow tempos.

The last time was not the exception, and artists like Green House they keep the flame of the musical genre alive like a scented candle. Olive Ardizoni’s project has become a reference within the West Coast ambient scene since he released his first album, Six Songs for Invisible Gardens in 2020 through Leaving Records, a record label complicit in the current resurgence in new age music (they have published artists such as Francesca Heart, John Carroll Kirby Y Laraji).

There’s a nostalgia to Green-House’s sound, not melancholy but retro, influenced by works like Plantasia and in the experiments Wendy Charles Y Raymond Scott. Of course, Ardizoni’s approach is more friendly, in fact in his interviews he talks about sweetness and fun as the main emotions that he seeks to generate with his music. For this he uses a colorful array of synthesizers, the mainstay of his sound along with some field recordings captured in the natural settings of his citylike the song of the birds in the morning or the waves breaking against the beach.

The plant world also occupies a central space in his music, as a source of inspiration and dedication in all the titles of his albums and songs.. This leafy path led her to her first LP, Music for Living Spaces, published in 2021, a work that confirmed his place in the ambient scene. It is a work inspired by our relationship with plants, in what we can learn by living with them, taking care of them a little every day and following their life cycles.

Whereas his debut had been a work of minimalism and lo-fi textures, this most recent work is encouraged to draw bigger melodies, with a clean production that brings the synth lines to the fore. Synthesizer music is often associated with the skill of virtuoso keyboardists, but Green-House’s true talent is his sensitivity to protect the delicacy and apparent simplicity of his compositions. Sometimes less is more, a useful tip both for watering a succulent and for creating music as comforting as this one.

Listen to Green House on streaming platforms (bandcamp, Spotify, tide, AppleMusic).

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