Guatemalan President Urges to Reform the UN and Preserve Peace

In his speech before the General Assembly, Giammattei called on the member countries to move quickly on a proposal by experts to give a new approach to the founding charter, in accordance with the difficult times that run, but also full of opportunities, he said.

“The UN must ensure the means to reform original commitments ranging from the sovereign equality of states to the prohibition of the use of force in international relations, including nuclear and chemical weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

“While changes are proposed, Guatemala urges nations to respect the charter. It is necessary to take measures to achieve drastic changes in key institutions of multilateralism, leaving aside ideologies that divide us and face the interconnected challenges facing the world population”, argued the Head of State.

Among them, he mentioned hunger and poverty, as well as comprehensive development to provide transformative solutions.

In his speech, Giammattei assured that his country, one of the founders of the UN, “is ready to collaborate in the efforts for the transformation of this organization and multilateralism.”

In this sense, he endorsed Guatemala’s commitment to continuously serve in the maintenance of peace and dialogue in order to solve problems as brothers do, he asserted.

Another part of his speech was dedicated to the adverse effects of climate change for the Central American nation, for more than six billion dollars since 1998.

We continue to recover from the natural disasters of this year and the past without the industrialized world, which is the real cause of this catastrophe, responding with solutions to what they have caused, he pointed out.

He also highlighted the efforts of his Government in combating irregular migration and its multiple causes, human trafficking and drug trafficking, as well as combating food insecurity.

Giammattei began his participation in the 77th session of the UN General Assembly the day before with a speech at the Summit on Education.

Yesterday he also held bilateral meetings with counterparts present here and leaders of the Atlantic Council.

Tomorrow he will be at the Investor Summit, an occasion that he will take advantage of to highlight the resilience of the national economy and its growth despite the impact of Covid-19.



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