GWM HAVAL DARGO Unveiled in South America and Ignites Passion for Diversified Driving

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BAODING, China, August 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GWM HAVAL DARGO was recently launched in Chili and Peru in South America, bringing a new brand driving experience to local customers.

To give locals a more realistic feel for the power of this car, GWM organized a long-distance test drive for the HAVAL DARGO in Chili. The test models are an all-wheel drive edition, combining the comfort of urban SUVs and the driving performance of off-road SUVs. The test drive route starts from Montt port and ends in Puerto Varas through the Alerce Andino National Park, covering different driving environments, such as off-road terrain and paved roads.

The multi-scenario experience activities attracted a large number of test drivers who participated enthusiastically, and positive comments were made by many well-known media.

Chileautos, the main local automobile website, commented that “HAVAL has presented an SUV with an off-road gene, HAVAL DARGO seeks to win over the adventure-loving masses.”

During the test, the HAVAL DARGO it performs well in the off-road section, allowing test drivers to experience great off-road fun. The off-road capability of the model is enhanced by the equipment of an intelligent four-wheel drive system and electronically controlled rear axle differential lock. The all-wheel drive system can intelligently adjust power to all four wheels and works with the differential locks to maximize the grip of each wheel, helping test drivers traverse complex environments without a hitch.

One of test drivers explained: “The driving performance of the HAVAL DARGO on mountain roads it far exceeded my expectations, and the vehicle’s grip and chassis performance are excellent. It is capable of providing stable cornering support and a comfortable driving experience.”

Furthermore, in the test drive on paved roads, the model provides an impressively comfortable experience. The test vehicles feature various smart devices such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA). These configurations provide test drivers with technology-supported convenience and comfort. For example, ACC can accurately identify the distance to the car in front and automatically control speed, allowing the driver to enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable drive.

The HAVAL DARGO it combines an off-road exterior with a tech-inspired interior, presenting test drivers with both its rugged looks and exquisite details. As for the interior, the model has ample space, in which shift knobs and a large central control screen have been installed, which heightens the sense of refinement and the atmosphere of comfort.

“Its unique style, exquisite interior workmanship, and rich intelligent technology configurations are very eye-catching, making it stand out among other products of the same class on the market,” commented La Tercera, an authorized Chilean media outlet.

According to the latest sales data published by GWM, the HAVAL DARGO achieved excellent sales results in July 2022, with an overall sales increase of up to 45.36% year-on-year.

Soon, GWM will launch this car in other markets, including the countries of middle Eastbringing a diversified driving experience to more customers.

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