Hamilton: “I knew why the Abu Dhabi decisions were made”

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The 2021 season finale in Abu Dhabi continues to bring cola eight months later. Michael Masi confessed that he had received death threats, just like Nicholas Latifi. Now, Lewis Hamilton remember how he felt that December 12: “I saw how things began to happen and my biggest fears arose. I thought they couldn’t boycott me like this.”

The Mercedes driver acknowledges that he still cannot verbalize what went through his head at that time: “I don’t know if I have words to describe what I felt. I remember sitting there in disbelief.” The British confesses that it was one of the most complicated moments of his life: “I realized that I had to unbuckle my seatbelts and get out of the car. He had to find the strength, but he didn’t have it. It was one of the toughest situations in a long time.”

Hamilton acknowledges that he knew instantly what had happened: “I knew what had happened, what decisions had been made and why. Yeah, I knew something wasn’t right.” The seven-time world champion confesses that, after that fateful ending for him, he even reconsidered continuing in Formula 1: “Of course I weighed whether I wanted to continue.” Finally, the British decided not to leave his career.

Current situation of Mercedes

The British, who has contract until the end of 2023, not only does he not think about his retirement anymore, but even intends to extend his relationship with Mercedes: “I would be lying if I said that I have not thought about extending my contract. I am on a mission. I still love driving and it’s still challenging for me so I don’t feel like I need to give it up anytime soon.”

The Brackley team has not been able to continue its dominance after the regulatory changes. One of the main problems of the W13 is the ‘proposing’, which Hamilton describes as “The worst feature I have ever experienced in a single-seater.” The FIA ​​president has already confirmed that, for next season, there will be technical regulations to correct the problem.

Hamilton at the age of 13 showing his first championship trophy.


Hamilton at the age of 13 showing his first championship trophy.Simon Clegg/Anglia Press Agency
? Anglia Press Agency

His complicated arrival at the top

Hamilton is one of the drivers most involved in social issues. In fact, he considers that he is one of the first to be committed to these matters: “In 70 years of our sport, nobody has done anything that is not for themselves.”

The Briton is the first black driver in the history of the competition. “I didn’t feel welcome,” says the Mercedes man regarding his arrival in Formula 1. But his years in karting were not easy either, especially in France and Italy: ‘They called me many times’nigga‘ (black). Sometimes they were even more than words.”

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