HAVAL H6 GT GWM makes an impressive appearance and sponsors Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022

BAODING, China, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On September 9, the GWM HAVAL H6 GT was unveiled at the 2022 Rugby World Cup in South Africa, sparking excitement for the SUV coupe visual experience.

The HAVAL brand installs a static HAVAL H6 GT experience zone outside the Cape Town Stadium, offering rugby fans and other audiences the opportunity to experience its unique sports coupe style up close.

The HAVAL H6 GT adopts a bio-inspired aesthetic design, which integrates the vigorous posture of a shark with the modeling of the body, giving it a very sporty appearance. The sides of the HAVAL H6 GT adopt many custom design details for embellishment, such as smooth and robust lines, fastback shape and double rear wings. These details further accentuate the model’s sense of style and sportiness.

In fact, in the first week of September, the HAVAL H6 GT did a media test drive in South Africa. TopGear.co.za, SAGMJ and other local authorized media expressed their appreciation for this model.

“The HAVAL H6 GT integrates the practicality of the conventional H6 with modern styling. There is no doubt that it will be well received by local SUV buyers,” TopGear.co.za, a local automobile specialist website, commented.

“HAVAL H6 GT is reshaping the appearance of SUVs. This sportier model provides a different product for the H6 SUV, and also complements the current unique styling language of the HAVAL H6”, comment from the South African Guild of Mobility Journalists (SAGMJ). .

The HAVAL H6 GT has also been equipped with a track mode and exhaust sound wave system, to offer test drivers around the world a sportier driving experience.

Conrad Greenewaldthe COO of HAVAL South Africa, said “HAVAL is bringing the brand to consumers in a format that resonates with the market through sponsorship of events such as the Rugby World Cup Sevens.”

In July this year, the HAVAL H6 GT also appeared at Red Bull Quicksand in South Africa, giving viewers a more tangible sense of the allure of the SUV coupe. In the Australian market, HAVAL has continually brought its models closer to users through cooperation with City2Surf, which is very popular with young people.

Except for the HAVAL H6 GT, in order to meet the differentiated needs of different users around the world, the HAVAL H6 family has also been constantly expanding its product range by launching a variety of models, including the H6 fuel version and the hybrid HEV/PHEV version.

GWM’s HAVAL H6 family plans to launch different versions of products in multiple markets around the world in the near future and hopes to provide personalized experiences to more users.

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