Have Rosalía and Bizarrap recorded the 50th session? The clue about their collaboration

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bizarrerap This 2022 has been one of the artists that has garnered the most expectation.

The producer of mysterious face always covered by his gigantic glasses, is responsible for some of the most broadcast topics of the year: the 23rd session of Paul London, the 51 with Antillean Villainthe 52 with Quevedo

The Argentine has the keys to turn a rap into a massive success and there is no one who denies that. “That you hit me like someone talking to Biza”, he sings Quevedo in its freestyle. Said and done. He himself has verified it. Thus, with session 52 and 51 already on the table, everything are unknowns about number 50.

Producer fans already had to wait more than a year for the union of Biza and Londra to come to light once fixed Londra’s problems with the Big Leagues record label.

a mysterious clue

“The 50 has to be with 50 Cent in the chat, well pointed out,” said the well-known streamer Ibai Llanos in a live chat with Biza, who nodded and smiled without revealing any details.

However, although he did not utter a single word about the identity of the artist of the 50th session, shortly after showed the camera a badge that hid a well-known title: Chicken Teriyaki, Rosalia theme.

What was the producer trying to say? Is this a clue that the Rosalía x Biza session is close to becoming a reality?

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