“He is the third lost brother, but poor”

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TikTok has discovered the third brother Paul, a relative of acquaintances youtubers Jake Paul and Logan Paul. Is about Rodney Petersona double that many say is more like the first and that, without any effort, is difficult to distinguish from the original.

As if it weren’t already complicated to know who Jake is and who Logan is, one more young man has been added to the family. Literally. Because now everyone has started calling this tiktoker as the lost brother of the Pauls. And the He has been unable to do more than take advantage of the success.

With over 3 million likes, he responds to all the funny comments he receives and even defends Logan from criticism. The commotion has been such that the boxer himself has commented on it.

“Why don’t you reply to my messages?”, has written jokingly, revealing that they are plotting something in private. In the video, with more than a million views, she hesitantly answers: “You know why. Also, you’re very busy training for your next fight.”

Since then, there have been thousands of messages he has received and his account has even gone viral on Twitter, where they continue to comment that it is difficult to see the differences. “I thought I was watching a Jake Paul video, until I saw the account.”

Petersen, to continue the joke, has started uploading video showing what Jake Paul would be like “if he were poor” or if he recorded himself “taking drugs”. Something that seems to double him is being taken with humor, because Everything indicates that they want to do a collaboration together.


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