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the launch of Devil Immortal has been quite punctuated by criticism for its monetization systemsomething that Blizzard ensures that It will not happen again in the future Devil IV. Meanwhile, he continues to work on new content for this installment of the saga that was published on PC and mobile devices.

This has led him to offer all the details of the first major game update to be enabled on September 28. It will include a new dungeon that will continue the plot of The Silent Monastery and in which light sources will have to be found to illuminate its different rooms and thus defeat the monsters that inhabit this place.

Another highlight will be the fortress El Castillo de Cyrangar, a place that will replace the warband camps and offer new features. The area will have its own events that will serve to unlock ancient weapons that will serve to grant part of their attributes to each of the members of the war band.

Also, the update will take care of welcome to the Season 5 battle pass, Storm Scions, with which you can get numerous rewards, cosmetic items and much more. Finally, the fifth boss of the hellish, Izilech the Deformed, will be a new final boss that the bravest warriors can face, although for this we will have to wait until October 2.

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