High-speed Ethernet up to 1 km with Gigabit Ethernet extenders

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Phoenix Contact Gigabit Ethernet extenders enable broadband applications of up to 1 Gbit/s over any 2-wire cables and coaxial cables.

With the equipment, ranges of up to 1 km can be achieved. Gigabit Ethernet extenders are thus ahead of the Ethernet standard. This achieves ranges of 1000 m with 1 GBit/s. Existing cables can be used to create future-proof Ethernet applications. This saves raw material resources and minimizes facility investment costs.

With the Power over Link (PoL) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) functions, the entire network of Gigabit Ethernet extenders and the PoE devices connected via the data cable are supplied with power. This eliminates the need to install power supplies on remote PoE devices. The Plug & Play installation of the extenders offers a particularly flexible network design, from a point-to-point and line structure to a star structure.

Gigabit Ethernet extenders are particularly suitable for video surveillance, as modern video technology places high demands on a sometimes very extensive network infrastructure.


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