Highland Park Mass Shooting Survivor Cooper Roberts Returns Home After Weeks in Hospital – NBC Chicago

CHICAGO – Cooper Roberts, the 8-year-old boy who was paralyzed after being shot at the Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, has finally returned home and is adjusting to his “new normal,” his family said Thursday.

“Being able to have Cooper home and our family together again is an incredible blessing, now he can get back together with his twin brother, Luke, and be the best of playmates again,” the Roberts family said in a statement.

Cooper is discovering new sports to play and has decided to play wheelchair tennis, his family said.

But Cooper continues “facing a painful, cruel and unfair path” and has to deal “on a daily basis with sadness and pain as he recognizes everything he lost, everything he used to do at home, in his community, that he can no longer do. like before,” according to his family.

The boy was confined to a rehabilitation clinic after a series of surgeries after a bullet pierced his spinal cord, causing serious damage to his internal organs. In early September, Cooper’s family said he was experiencing memory loss and difficulty with his motor skills.

Now that he’s home, one of the biggest challenges is being able to transform what used to be a familiar environment for Cooper into one that can accommodate his new needs, his family said.

“Even our house, which we all love, just doesn’t work for us anymore with Cooper, a wheelchair and so many other necessities. It’s another thing that keeps us up at night: how will we find, renovate, or build a house that can work again for our family? Right now Cooper can only access certain areas of the house, that’s not right for him or our family.”

Still, the family said it’s “an incredible blessing” to have Cooper back home. “Having our children together and knowing that they can be together when they need or want to is very special to us and to Cooper.”

Cooper, his twin brother, and their mother, Keely, were attending the 4th of July parade in Highland Park when they were wounded by a gunman who started shooting from the roof of a business.


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