Highlights ‘Bronzing Hair’: the tan of the hair

    We all lighten and turn the tone of the hair on vacation. In fact, experts recommend dyeing it a little darker before enjoying these. After the summer, chestnut hair usually enjoy a very flattering blonde streaks reminiscent of the famous highlights Californian. On other occasions, the hair turns orange and straw-colored tones, very unflattering and that show hair wear due to the sun, saltpeter and chlorine. And they require a visit to the hairdresser to recover their shine, luminosity and strength.

    Whatever your case, one of the main challenges when you return from vacation is to show off healthy and strong hair and, why not, prolong that sunkissed effect in the hair. “I recommend opting for multi-tonality. Do not be afraid to try different shades on one hair. This creates spectacular reliefs and the natural hair is filled with very beautiful multi-shades”advises Mia Casal, Hair Expert at Montibello.

    What shades should we choose to lengthen the tan in the hair?

    The experts are inspired by the tones that the sun gives to the skin in the summer. “We’re talking about those gorgeous sunkissed gold, tan, and bronze shades that make skin glow and make us so flattering. In the hair we can translate it into blonde tones honey, bronze blondes and roasted chestnuts. In short, these are shades that add richness of color to our hair, with a sublime shine and a reflective effect”assures Mia Casal.

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    It can be changed from a cool blonde to a honey blonde or a burnt brown. It is something that Hailey Bieber or Blanca Suárez have already done, for example.

    1. Honey Blonde: achieved when the polar blonde gives way to a warm one with subtle cool reflections that provide a sublime tanning effect. “It is the result of a combination of warm reflections with an iridescent point in perfect balance. It gives rise to blondes with movement and with a greater chiaroscuro contrast. It is an ideal proposal for all types of hair and skin”according to Casal.
    2. Bronze Blonde: it is achieved “doing reflections that recreate the tan effect and add an unparalleled dimension to the hair. The blond acquires chromatic properties that recreate sunlight on the hair”describes Casal.
    3. Blond Blonde: It is the perfect fusion between blonde and brown. “It is achieved through a mixture of pearl and caramel sparkles, which achieves a glazed shine. This way you get a color that is always flattering and offers a balanced and natural look”assures this stylist.
    4. Light roasted brown: East Brown Natural chiaroscuro is perfect for softening and beautifying at any age. “Offers deeper, warmer shades of color that ‘bronze’ hair. It is achieved with chestnuts that naturalize oxidized hair, and give it freshness and naturalness.”
      1. With what technique are they achieved?

        Bronzing hair is achieved with éclat: a semi-permanent color, from Montibello, which has an acidic pH, as well as proteins and vitamin C, which transforms the color into a treatment:

        • in dark hair: In this case, the tanned effect is created by first doing subtle babylights on the upper layers, and then adding a touch of balayage to the ends. “This is how we recreate the summer sun lightening in the hair”assures Mia Casal.
        • in light hair: “It is achieved, either by providing soft ‘lowlights’ to create chiaroscuros and more subtle changes, or by opting for a more global change in which the tone of our hair is totally changed”says Mia Casal.

          Who do they favor?

          This trend favors all of us, regardless of our style (from the most daring to the most classic) and skin tone: light, dark, warm, cold… “I would say everyone! Because, depending on the case, you can opt for very light and beige tones (a cold-warm tone) passing through deeper tones, toasted browns, until you reach the bronde that comes from the union of brown + blonde (the perfect balance between blonde and brown)”, assures Montibello’s stylist. A couple of added advantages: the effect is completely eliminated in a matter of 15 or 25 washes. And it provides the hair with proteins and vitamin C, which sublimate the shine, color and vitality.

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