how and when to see the shower of stars with these apps for iPhone

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The Perseids are coming. Those that also receive the name of tears of San Lorenzo are a meteorological phenomenon that we can see in the summer skies right on these dates. A rain of stars, if we want, that we can locate, both in time and in location, with various applications for our iPhone.

Four apps to easily locate the Perseids

It is between approximately August 10 and 13 that the Perseids make their appearance in the summer skies. Quite an event, because this rain can leave up to 100 phenomena in an hour. And the whole show is concentrated towards the constellation of Perseus, just from here its name.

Locating them is really easy. There are several apps that will help us locate the best time, a clear night in our region, and also locate them in the sky to enjoy the event. One of the first apps we have to look at is night sky which is free. From the search engine we can enter Perseids to locate the phenomenon.


Another option is sky view, also free, which again through the search engine will indicate the place. Something similar will happen with star walk 2. Leaving the best for last, from Applesfera we recommend SkyGuidewhich we can download for free and from which we have already spoken in Applesfera for being practically our pocket astronomer.

In the app we will find abundant and detailed information on the phenomenon, will help us to see it at the best moment and will accompany us to locate it exactly in the sky. Thus, between this and the other options we can quickly locate the Perseids and enjoy their show in the night skies.

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