How do the holographic calls announced by Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone work? Lifestyle

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone, together with the technology company MATSUKO have just announced a pilot test that will allow holographic calls with the same simplicity as a traditional call.

With this, the clients of any of these operators will be able to join a common holographic communication session that will include real and virtual worlds through the mobile connection.

For it, uses the camera of your smartphone to generate a 2D video that is then rendered in a 3D hologram in the cloud and that can be broadcast in a virtual, augmented or mixed reality environment with great quality.

Holographic calls are getting closer

This platform created jointly by Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone, thanks to the technical knowledge of MATSUKO uses 5G connectivity to overcome the technological limitations that existed in this type of connection.

According to the creation of the holographic imagefor this, the phone’s selfie camera is used to scan a person in real time, process it in an advanced 3D rendering engine and be able to use this avatar that is superimposed on a real environment using virtual reality / augmented reality glasses.

The companies involved in this project have announced through a Press release They have successfully completed the first phase of the collaboration, and will now focus on improving the underlying technology to deliver an unquestionable user experience.

With this type of project, what is intended is to make a technological leap that allows us to hold exhibitions or events virtually and with great realism. In addition, as this technology evolves, it will be improved to achieve higher and higher image quality.

As indicated in the press release “The key to this realism is the use of mobile edge computing technology – the so-called “distributed networks”, in which the intelligence of the network and of the applications are operational beyond the core of the network -, which greatly improves both latency and bandwidth, which are essential to ensure the most vivid and reliable experience of Virtual Reality and mixed reality.”

Secondly, MATSUKO guarantees that the final result will live up to expectations, offering high-quality color and texture resolutions. Alex Froment-Curtil, Commercial Director of Vodafone, has declared: “The metaverse brings a new dimension to the future of connectivity, with exciting new experiences for communicating with friends and family, or even for businesses to connect with their stakeholders. This proof of concept takes holographic communications dramatically from science fiction to real life on smartphones.”

An amazing technology that allows us to take a look at a future in which we will be increasingly more connected. And it is clear that holographic calls will be one of the main players in the business and corporate sector.


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