How Many Hours Should Your Child Spend in Front of a Cell Phone Screen – NBC4 Washington

The average time black and Hispanic children spend in front of screens has increased compared to previous years, according to Common Sense Media.

The report revealed that children between the ages of eight and 12 spend an average of five and a half hours using an electronic device, while adolescents spend more than eight and a half hours.

According to the internist doctor, Juan Ortiz Pérez, this could stop the development of minors.

“Number one, a sedentary lifestyle. Number two, childhood obesity. Number three, it is proven that a lot of screen time can lead to poor academic performance and (in)adequate sleep,” the doctor explained.

But in order to help parents determine how much screen time their kids should have, AT&T and the American Academy of Pediatrics developed the Phoneready Quiz. According to the associate director of technology at AT&T, Josephine Vázquez, the initiative consists of a questionnaire.

“These are free resources for parents on these very important questions … Caregivers of children can use these questions and conclude if their child is ready to have their own mobile phone,” he explained.

This web page it also “includes information on how to set parental controls on your cell phone.”


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