How to activate the new keyboard haptic feedback in iOS 16

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One of the best integrations that have arrived with iOS 16, is the possibility of using the iPhone’s haptic engine to “give life” to our writing. With this feature, every time you compose on your device, this will emit a fairly light vibration, but precise. A) Yes, Manzana has managed to improve the experience of an activity that we do day after day without paying too much attention.

Yes, we know that Android has it for years. However, thanks to the high-quality haptic engine included in the iPhone, we are facing one of the most pleasant functions that those from Cupertino have implemented in recent years. If you have already updated to iOS 16you can activate it without problems.

Once activated, your iPhone will emit a precise vibration. Almost as if you were touching the tip of one finger with the other. If you don’t end up liking it, you always have the option to disable it. This option, however, may be ideal for people who want to receive feedback with each key pressed, but without resorting to sound.

Activate keyboard haptic feedback with iOS 16

The proposal is compatible with all devices iPhone capable of updating to iOS 16. It is disabled by default, and that is why today we will show you how to quickly activate it on your device.

iOS 16
  1. open the app Settings of your iPhone with iOS 16.
  2. Scroll through the menu until you see the option sounds and vibration. Enter here.
  3. Now look at the bottom keyboard vibration.
  4. In this section you will see two different switches. One allows you to turn the keyboard sound on or off, and the other the haptic feedback. Activate this last one, and do what you want with the other one.

Now, it’s time to try this new feature of iOS 16. Simply go into any app that allows text input. Notes, for example. Open the keyboard and dedicate yourself to typing. You should feel a light touch on your fingers each time you press a keyalmost as if the classic “tick” sound that the keyboard makes when typing had become a physical sensation.

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