How to create folders in the start menu in Windows 11

Windows 11 now allows further customize the start menu. It is now possible to create folders, determine the number of items that appear, and display the most used applications. Although in this article we focus on the first function, we are going to explain what are the steps you must take to maximizing the user experience in the start menu.

We have structured this guide into different sections to make it easier for you to read. First of all, we show you what are start menu folders in windows 11 and how they are used. On the other hand, we take a look at the rest of the parameters that are included in the system settings and that will help you adjust the behavior of the start menu to your needs. Let’s start!

NOTE: This feature is only available on the Windows 11 22H2 update, released on September 20, 2022. At the time of this writing, the new version was already available to the general public. go to Windows Update to download and install this update and enjoy the latest features that are included in the Microsoft operating system.

What are the folders in the Windows 11 start menu?

First of all, let’s talk briefly about what exactly are the start menu folders in windows 11. It’s important to differentiate this feature from the directories you find in File Explorer. While the latter are used to store files, the start menu folders are designed to better organize the shortcuts to your applications.

Therefore, do not expect to be able to save documents or any other file in them. Rather, what you can do is change the distribution of your favorite programs with greater precision. For example, you have the option to group all Office applications in a single folder. In this way, instead of occupying 3 or 4 spaces (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), they will occupy only one.

We are facing a change brings Windows 11 even closer to mobile devices. Both Android and iOS have supported creating folders on their respective home screens for many years. Now it is the turn of the Microsoft operating system. But how does this new organizational system work?

How to use Start Menu folders in Windows 11

After thoroughly testing the feature, we have come to the conclusion that this start menu change is not too risky, but it is it is very practical. All users, to a greater or lesser extent, will take advantage of it, especially if they are looking for keep the start menu well organized.

The first change in the behavior of shortcuts we see in the ability to drag them freely. It’s as easy as click on them and, without releasing the button, move the cursor. As shown in the screenshot below, the icons are abstracted from the grid and move seamlessly throughout the space.

How to create folders in the start menu in Windows 11

If you drop the icon in a new position, it will open a gap between the icons anchored in that position. But, if you place the icon on another, Windows will create a new folder in the start menu.

How to create folders in the start menu in Windows 11

Upon release, the new application pool will have been generated. By default, it is assigned the name “Binder”. If you click on it, you will see how your shortcuts have been grouped. Now it is possible to drag more elements to add them.

On the other hand, folders offer some customization options. Without going any further, if you click on the upper text, you will be able to add a new name. In this text field it is possible to enter a word or a phrase, but also emoji. Use the system that works best for you to identify your application groups faster.

How to create folders in the start menu in Windows 11

Additionally, remember the following regarding folders:

  • The applications inside can be rearranged. Hold down the icon or drag it with the cursor, just as you did to generate the new group. Organizing the icons housed in your folders allows you to be more productive.
  • Folders can be structured like any other icon. Within the start menu, place the application group in the place that suits you best. You just have to move it with the cursor.

Beyond Start Menu Folders: Other New Features

The folders from the start menu in Windows 11 they are not the only novelty that Microsoft has introduced in this fundamental section of the system. If you go to the app Settingyou click on Personalize and then in Startyou will find these parameters:

  • Select the number of items displayed. Until now, the start menu was static and did not allow you to prioritize shortcuts or recent documents. Now it is possible to modify the number of rows that are dedicated to each space. Choose from the options More pinned items, Predetermined either More recommendations.

How to create folders in the start menu in Windows 11

  • Show recently added apps. Includes automatic shortcuts to apps you just installed.
  • Show most used apps. Choose whether or not you want the apps you use the most to be displayed.
  • Show recently opened items on Start. The recommendations section includes items opened from Start or File Explorer.
  • folders. Makes it easy to add shortcuts to user and system folders, such as Net, Images, Music or his own File Browser.

Other tricks for Windows 11

We hope that the Windows 11 folders in start menu have been useful to you. Although it is true that it is not a revolution, it is appreciated that Microsoft is polishing the user experience in its operating system. If you want to get more out of Windows 11, check out the following articles.

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